2023 VCE Results

11 December 2023


Ҵý’s class of 2023 has concluded their final year of schooling with outstanding VCE results.

With over 32% of Girton’s Year 12 VCE students ranking in the top 10% of the state, Principal Dr Emma O’Rielly said these results are a fitting finale to a wonderful year for the graduates.

“I and all the staff at Girton could not be prouder of our Year 12 students,” Dr O’Rielly said.

“Not only have they shown enormous dedication to their studies this year, but they have demonstrated remarkable leadership, kindness and cohesion throughout their time at Girton. After giving our school so much, it is wonderful to now see them rewarded with magnificent academic results.”

Other VCE highlights for Ҵý are as follows:

  • 7 students achieved ATARs above 99, placing them in the top 1% of the state
  • 6.7% of Girton’s students finished in the top 1% of the state
  • 7.6% of Girton’s students finished in the top 2% of the state
  • 19% of Girton’s students finished in the top 5% of the state
  • 32.4% of Girton’s students finished in the top 10% of the state
  • 57.1% of Girton’s students finished in the top 20% of the state
  • 2 students achieved a study score of 50 in Psychology
  • 15.9% of students achieved study scores over 40
  • median ATAR of 83.15

While the release of ATARs focuses attention on students’ academic achievements, Dr O’Rielly stated that academics are only one measure of the success of this cohort.

“While academic excellence is a key pillar of our ethos at Girton, we aim to give our students opportunities to excel in many other areas as we equip them for a fulfilling life beyond our school gates – whether it’s on the stage, in the sporting arena, in community service, in emotional intelligence or in leadership roles.”

“Our ultimate goal is to empower our students to pursue the future of their choice, and I’m confident these graduates will be able to do just that by drawing not only on their excellent study scores but every element of their Girton education.”

Despite the academic rigours associated with the final year of school, the class of 2023 remained fully engaged in school life outside the classroom and even found time to enrich the collective school experience for their fellow students.

“While our Year 12 students had every excuse this year to put on their blinkers and focus on themselves and their own studies, they have chosen to immerse themselves in every aspect of our school and driven important initiatives that will benefit the students who follow in their footsteps,” Dr O’Rielly said.

“In doing so, these impressive young people have shown they are truly the leaders of tomorrow, and I have every confidence they will go on to do incredible things in their next chapter after Girton.”

“I would like to extend a special thanks to our dedicated teachers and Year 12 parents – such excellent outcomes would not be possible without their invaluable support.”