Ҵý is open to the entry of all students irrespective of their faith, ethnicity, nationality, family structure, social class or status. Our strategic objective is to produce departing Girtonians who will make a positive contribution in the lives of others and in the community and who are capable of successfully pursuing careers across a wide range of disciplines. This will be achieved by providing a high-end service at a competitive price by industry standards.

The Girton Board is pleased to announce that it has recently approved the adoption of a new fee model for Ҵý, which will be implemented from the 2025 school year. The new model comprises two pivotal changes to Girton’s current fee system, which are outlined below.

Transition to a tiered fee structure

  • Between 2025 and 2031, Girton will transition to a tiered structure where tuition fees increase incrementally for each year level, phasing out the current flat fee structure where a single amount is charged for all students in Junior School and a higher amount for those in Senior School.
  • In 2025, the new fee structure will be initially implemented for students entering Preparatory and Year 7 (including current Year 6 students moving to the Senior School). It will be expanded to other year levels between 2026 and 2031, as detailed in the .
  • All existing Girton Senior School students will remain on the current flat fee structure through to graduation, while all existing Junior School students will remain on the flat fee structure until they enter Year 7.

Introduction of fortnightly and monthly fee payment options

  • From 2025, Girton will introduce the option to pay tuition fees fortnightly and monthly via direct debit, in addition to the current options of paying annually or in four instalments. This will enable families to pay smaller amounts more regularly.

Girton will retain all existing fee discounts. This includes the prompt payment discount of $1,000, which will be applied across all four payment options where fees have been paid by the relevant deadlines. In addition, families who choose to pay annually will continue to receive a further 2% discount where their accounts are paid in full by November of the year prior to tuition.

(To be read in conjunction with the Enrolment Agreement)

Application Fee:          A $110 inclusive non-refundable Application Fee is payable per child when the Application Form is submitted.

Capital Fee                 $1,250 for the first child in the family, $500 for the second and subsequent children.

2024 Tuition Fees

Annual Fee with prompt payment discount if paid in full by 5pm, last business day of November Instalment Fee With prompt payment discount
Tuition Fee: Preparatory to Year 6 $12,054 $3,075
Tuition Fee: Years 7 to 12 $15,116 $3,856

* Fees without prompt payment discount:

  • Annual Fee without discount $13,300 (Preparatory to Year 6) and $16,424 (Years 7 to 12)
  • Instalment Fee without prompt payment discount $3,325 (Preparatory to Year 6) and $4,106 (Years 7 to 12)

For details on discounts please read in conjunction with the Enrolment Agreement 2024. All prices are quoted in AUD and GST is not applicable.

2025 Tuition Fees

* Amounts are based on 2024 tuition fees (including the prompt payment discount) and are subject to increase in line with annual fee reviews prior to implementation and in each subsequent year after implementation.

  • PREP – All new Prep enrolments in 2025 move onto the new fee structure
  • YEAR 7 – All existing Junior School 2024 Year 6 enrolments and new Year 7 enrolments in 2025 move onto the new fee structure
  • YEARS 1-6 & 8-12 – All enrolments both new and existing in Years 1-6 and 8-12 remain on the old fee structure

For full details regarding the new fee structure please see the Q & A document.

Payment Options

Annual Fees

Annual Fees attract a Prompt Payment Discount of $1,000.00 plus an additional 2% discount if your School account is paid in full (less discount) by the last business day in November.


If the account balance is paid in full (less discount) a Prompt Payment Discount of $250 will apply to each instalment.

The instalments are due on the last business day of;

  • November (year prior to entry)
  • January
  • April
  • July
Please contact the Business Office to discuss payment options.

Payment Plans

Payment plans to schedule your school fees in weekly, fortnight or monthly payments are available through Edstart. Visit the for more information.

To apply, or calculate a payment plan visit the below website:

At no time does the School accept responsibility for the administration and management of any financial plan and issues that may arise affecting parents.