Ҵý is an independent, coeducational school from Prep to Year 12 that strives for excellence in both academic and co-academic areas of education in a caring Christian environment.Founded in 1884, Girton Grammar is one of Australia’s oldest schools with a rich history of traditions that give the school its distinct character.


The school is spread over 2 campuses. The Junior School has nineteen classes. We have two classes in Preparatory to Year Three, three classes in Year Four and Year Five and Four classes in Year Six. All Junior School classes are located on the MacKenzie Street campus with classes escorted over to the School Gymnasium for Physical Education lessons.

The Senior School campus (Year 7 to 12) is located a few minutes’ walk from the Junior School, at 22 Vine Street, Bendigo.  The focus in Senior School is on ensuring that each student has the strongest academic record possible to allow maximum choice for further studies and career. Additional support is offered to students at the VCE level, which includes additional tutorials and intensive holiday classes.


Academically, Girton Grammar students achieve results comparable to some of the bigger and better known independent schools in Melbourne and Australia. Girton Grammar aims to be the Australian benchmark for excellence in Regional education with the achievements of our students the most important measure of the success of the school.


At Girton Grammar an appreciation of Art, Music, Drama as well as cultural and community endeavour is fostered from the very beginning with the aim of having every student participating in at least two co-curricular activities.

With around 20 sports on offer at Girton, and a range of outdoor education opportunities, cooperation, integrity and sportsmanship are fostered at the local, regional, state and National level.

A vast array of Musical opportunities are available at Girton Grammar with a range of ensembles, choirs, recitals, concerts, orchestras and musical tuition of the highest standard, readily offered.

Public performances within the school and broader community and a range of music and performing arts competitions are undertaken every year.


Girton Grammar is a world leader in the teaching of emotional intelligence in the school environment. Since 2011 the school has been implementing the RULER approach from Yale University’s Centre for Emotional Intelligence. Yale’s research shows that students with a higher level of emotional intelligence are better prepared to manage their emotional lives so that they can focus, learn and do their best in school.