Prep at Girton

From Day One in Prep at Girton small children will discover they can do big things when they are provided with the tools and nurturing to develop and achieve.

The Preparatory Year is an exciting and rewarding year with remarkable development to be seen as children explore and learn. The growth of each child encompasses social, emotional, academic and physical development. This is achieved through a wide range of experiences and opportunities.

Children are immersed in an environment where they develop positive self-esteem and learn respect for others. Each child is different and the Preparatory classroom needs to be supportive for all students. Teachers ensure that children believe in their capabilities and expect to succeed. The aim is to develop happy, well-rounded students who are willing to put their best effort into all activities.

The Preparatory classroom supports learning through active involvement, modelling and demonstration, access to a range of resources and the opportunity for consolidation of skills. The efforts of students are recognised to promote positive learning experiences.

Emotional Intelligence Education is a vital part of the Junior School curriculum from Prep, via the RULER programme,  helping your child form positive relationships with their peers and build lasting friendships.

Due to demand we have added an extra Prep class which means we currently have limited places available for 2024 Prep enrolments. Please contact our Registrar to find out more or apply using our online form here: