Ҵý unveils Lumination Learning Lab, redefining education with immersive technology

19 July 2023

Ҵý is proud to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art Lumination Learning Lab, a smart classroom that embraces virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to revolutionise student learning. As the first school in Victoria to introduce this innovative Lab, Girton is taking a momentous stride forward in shaping the future of education.

Immersive learning involves using technology to create engaging digital or artificial environments, promoting student engagement through active learning. Incorporating immersive teaching techniques into the curriculum helps to cement the classroom as an exciting, engaging and memorable place for this generation of students.

The Lumination Learning Lab represents a significant investment by Ҵý, reflecting its commitment to providing students with the latest advancements in technology-based learning.

“As educators, we must continuously evolve our teaching methodologies to maintain engagement and optimise learning,” said Ҵý Principal, Dr Emma O’Rielly.

“Immersive learning is rooted in behavioural and cognitive science and draws on a fundamental understanding of how we learn. Decades of neuroscience research reveals that the brain treats virtual experiences similarly to real-life situations. Our immersive Learning Lab will be a powerful tool that transports students into topics, allowing them to experience and interact with their learning in a safe environment.”

Dr O’Rielly highlighted the transformative potential of the Lumination Learning Lab, stating, “By creating a space where students can immerse themselves in virtual environments, we are providing unique opportunities for deep understanding and skill development. Through hands-on experiences and interactive simulations, the Lab will enable students to go beyond passive consumption of information to actively participate in their learning.”

The construction of the Lab has been carried out by Lumination, a renowned immersive technology company that has collaborated with schools across Australia to provide access to virtual and augmented reality. The Lab is situated in a newly refurbished building on Girton’s Senior School campus.

Lumination Learning Design Lead and registered teacher, Shai Coggins, is working with the school to onboard the new technology:

“Ҵý is a pioneer in providing exceptional support, driving positive learning outcomes and fostering engagement among its students. The recent introduction of the Lumination Learning Lab further solidifies their commitment to innovative education. It is truly an honour for me to collaborate with the school in developing immersive learning experiences within this cutting-edge smart classroom, promoting active and dynamic learning opportunities.”

Ҵý’s investment in innovative learning spaces reflects its dedication to fostering creativity, critical thinking and teamwork, while embracing forward-thinking teaching practices.

Through the Lumination Learning Lab, students will have the opportunity to explore, innovate and collaborate using cutting-edge technology.